Burning and smoking carbon dioxide symbol CO2.
Carbon dioxide is released when fossil fuels like oil, coal or natural gas are combusted. The chemical formula for carbon dioxide is CO2 and this gas is generally seen as one of the most important green house gases. In most sustainability discussions and environmental debates, the carbon dioxide formula is often used as THE symbol for the worldwide greenhouse effect.
In this conceptual photograph the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide, CO2, is captured burning while emitting genuine CO2...

H2O symbol splashing into real water.
The chemical symbol for water, H2O splashing into genuine water. The blue characters and the water droplets make this image quite a wet concept.

Plastic soup photo concept.
The Pacific Trash Vortex of Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a marine pollution phenomenon that comprises large amounts of plastics floating around in the Pacific. This phenomenon is also called 'plastic soup'.This concept photo shows a bowl of 'tomato soup' with a spoon on a plastic placemat. If you look closely you can see that the soup actually consists of red and green plastic granules.

Carbon footprint emitting CO2.
Our carbon footprint is defined as the impact of our lifestyle on the environment by emitting greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide (CO2). The size of this metaphorical footprint is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted by burning fossil fuels. This concept shows an image of a genuine carbon footprint made of burning wood.

Droplet of H2O.
This water droplet shows the chemical formula of water, H20 on blue background.

Carbon Capture and Storage concept.
This carbon capture and storage (or carbon capture and sequestration) concept photo shows the abbreviation CCS on a leaf of a green plant. With CCS large volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2) are stored underground to avoid the emission of this greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. In nature carbon capture and storage is provided by plants and trees: they take CO2 from the air in order to grow! This way carbon dioxide is stored in their leaves and other parts of the plant

Hydrogen symbol H2 surrounded by bubbles.
H2 is the chemical symbol for hydrogen. This gas can be made by splitting water into oxygen en hydrogen using (sustainable) energy. This way energy can be stored as hydrogen that can be used elsewhere at another time. This conceptual image shows the blue characters H and 2, surrounded by bubbles to illustrate the fact that hydrogen is a gas.

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