Providing innovative photography to businesses and individuals in order to help conveying and illustrating business concepts.
My name is Wijnand Loven, I’m a photographer based in The Netherlands.
Combining food, still life and product photography I specialize in conceptual photography, particularly aiming to translate food items, environmental issues and technical abstractions into imagery.
My conceptual images regarding environmental issues are used to illustrate presentations and sustainability reports. As I’m one of the designers of a Dutch online greeting card store, my images of birthday wishes, invitations and other types of greeting cards are mailed all over the country.
My mobile photography also found its place in this portfolio. The collections of backgrounds, type, shapes, details and things are shown in the 'Mobile Photography' section of this site. As I'm the creator of a (Dutch) blog on mobile photography,, I'm obviously very keen on showing my mobile work.
Please let me know if I can help you out regarding your ideas, suggestions or assignments. You can contact me through the contact page or please use the contact details below.
Thanks for stopping by!
Cheers, Wijnand Loven
Phone +31-6-43481727
Email info[at]
KvK 57737320
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